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Employer guides

ACH and Wire Instructions Handout – COBRA  (pdf)
Adding an HSA Handout  (pdf)
Auto-Substantiation Handout  (pdf)
Benefits File Import Guide  (pdf)
Benefits Lifecycle Chart  (pdf)
Capital Expense Worksheet  (pdf)
Case Management Tool Assisted Support FAQ  (pdf)
COBRA at a Glance Handout  (pdf)
COBRA File Imports Key  (pdf)
COBRA Lifecycle Chart  (pdf)
COBRA Timeline Chart  (pdf)
Commuter Benefits FAQ  (pdf)
Contribution Based Funding Handout  (pdf)
Contribution File FAQ  (pdf)
Current Continuant Instructions  (pdf)
Custom Online Account Guide  (pdf)
Direct Bill Data Flow Chart  (pdf)
Direct Bill FAQ  (pdf)
Employer Responsibilities Handout  (pdf)
FSA Short Plan Year Considerations FAQ  (pdf)
FSA-COBRA Eligibility Handout  (pdf)
Funding Defined and Reporting – HSA Funding  (pdf)
Grace Period vs Carryover Handout  (pdf)
Guide for Current Plan Year Takeover  (pdf)
Guide to completing the Subsidy  (pdf)
Guide to Contribution Based Funding and Reporting  (pdf)
Guide to Contribution File Errors  (pdf)
Guide to Creating a Recurring Contribution Schedule  (pdf)
Guide to Enrolling Participants by Key-in  (pdf)
Guide to Entering a Subsidy on the COBRA Portal  (pdf)
Guide to Entering QBs and NPMs  (pdf)
Guide to Finding Total HSA Contributions by Employee  (pdf)
Guide to Funding and Reporting  (pdf)
Guide to HRA Dependent Files  (pdf)
Guide to HSA Bulk Transfer Process  (pdf)
Guide to On-Demand Reporting  (pdf)
Guide to Opening Secure Emails  (pdf)
Guide to Running COBRA Reports  (pdf)
Guide to the COBRA Employer Online Account  (pdf)
Guide to Updating Employee Election Amounts  (pdf)
Guide to Updating Participant Status  (pdf)
HSA Process Flow Handout  (pdf)
HSA State Tax Handout  (pdf)
Incompatible Enrollment Examples  (pdf)
LEAP Dashboards Handout  (pdf)
Leave of Absence Chart  (pdf)
LSA Insights  (pdf)
MSP Reporting FAQ  (pdf)
Non-Discrimination Testing Catalog of Services  (pdf)
Non-Discrimination Testing Corrections Process  (pdf)
Participant Notifications – COBRA  (pdf)
Participant Notifications – Direct Bill  (pdf)
Participant Notifications – Spending Reimbursement Accounts  (pdf)
Plan Comparison Chart  (pdf)
Plan Year Closing FAQ  (pdf)
Product Overview  (pdf)
Short-term Leave Direct Bill Timeline  (pdf)
Smart Commute Program Employer Handout  (pdf)
Stale Check FAQ  (pdf)
Substantiation FAQ  (pdf)

Employer forms


Employee guides

213d HRA Employee Handout  (pdf)
Benefits Debit Card Handout  (pdf)
Benefits Debit Card Handout – Spanish  (pdf)
Benefits Participant Experience Handout (high tech user)  (pdf)
Benefits Participant Experience Handout (low-tech user)  (pdf)
Benefits Resources & Contact Information  (pdf)
COBRA Member Handout  (pdf)
Commuter Benefits (Transit & Parking) Handout  (pdf)
Commuter Benefits (Transit Only) Handout  (pdf)
Commuter Benefits Employee Handout – Spanish  (pdf)
Commuter Benefits FAQ  (pdf)
Dependent Care Employee Handout  (pdf)
Dependent Care FSA IRS Regulations Handout  (pdf)
Direct Bill Member Handout  (pdf)
Eligible Expense List  (xls)
Filing Claims Handout  (pdf)
Filing Claims Handout – Spanish  (pdf)
Final Service Filing Date Handout  (pdf)
Flexible Spending Account Carryover Handout  (pdf)
Flexible Spending Account Grace Period Handout  (pdf)
FSA & Dependent Care IRS Regulations Handout  (pdf)
FSA Employee Guide  (pdf)
FSA Employee Handout  (pdf)
FSA Employee Handout – Spanish  (pdf)
FSA Employee Handout (no DCA)  (pdf)
FSA FAQ  (pdf)
FSA IRS Regulations Handout  (pdf)
Guide to COBRA Member Portal  (pdf)
Guide to Combination FSAs  (pdf)
Guide to Filing Claims  (pdf)
Guide to HSA Distributions and Contributions  (pdf)
Guide to Limited Flexible Spending Accounts  (pdf)
Guide to Logging into your Online Account  (pdf)
Guide to Managing HSA Investments  (pdf)
Guide to Ordering Debit Cards  (pdf)
Guide to Setting up Direct Deposit  (pdf)
Guide to Setting up Text Message Alerts  (pdf)
Guide to the Benefits Debit Card  (pdf)
Guide to the Mobile Application  (pdf)
Guide to the SmartCommute Program  (pdf)
Guide to your Online Account (benefits)  (pdf)
HSA Custodial Fee FAQ  (pdf)
HSA Employee Guide  (pdf)
HSA Employee Handout  (pdf)
HSA Employee Handout (Spanish)  (pdf)
HSA FAQ  (pdf)
HSA IRS Regulations Handout  (pdf)
HSA Transfer Handout  (pdf)
Medicare and COBRA FAQ  (pdf)
Mobile App Handout  (pdf)
Mobile App Handout (Spanish)  (pdf)
Orthodontia Claims FAQ  (pdf)
Participant Communication Timeline  (pdf)
Plan Details Handout  (pdf)
Repay or Offset Denied Claims Handout  (pdf)
Smart Commute Program Employee Handout  (pdf)
SmartCommute Program FAQ  (pdf)
Substantiation FAQ  (pdf)
Updating your Smart Commute Order Handout  (pdf)

Employee forms

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