National HSA Awareness Day is October 15. It’s a day to learn about the value HSAs can bring your employees. Make HSAs simple and no-nonsense. Skip the jargon. Skip the confusion.

Beat inflation with benefits.
Beat inflation with an HSA.

Decades-high inflation has contributed to nearly half of employees feeling unable to cover an emergency expense of as little as $400. How well are your employees equipped to beat inflation with their benefits? Do you know how to show them the way?

Learn from industry experts

Watch our live Benefits Buzz podcast to hear from Tori Dunlap of Her First $100K and Jennifer McClure of DisruptHR as they empower you to educate your employees to greater savings and support at a time when high inflation and employee wellness are top of mind for all Americans.

Tori Dunlap

Founder of Her First $100K, internationally recognized money and career expert & podcast host

Jennifer McClure

CEO, DisruptHR &
Unbridled Talent

HSAs Today

While HSAs support a variety of needs, most HSA participants use their accounts to help them save on expenses today. Our own Chris Byrd shares his unique insight to help you better understand how participants are using their HSAs.

What’s your HSA story?

HSAs and urgent needs

How an HSA protected a couple from bankruptcy after a medical emergency.

Investing success

Putting your HSA funds to work through investing led to big games for this participant.

Spend and save today

Find out how HSA savings add up on many common day-to-day expenses.



They’re sure to use it. You’re bound to love it.


Employees can save on hundreds of eligible healthcare expenses, like over-the-counter medications, routine healthcare visits, eyeglasses, contact lenses, sunscreen, and more.


HSAs are employee-owned and all funds carry over, so employees can build their balances to prepare for big expenses.


Like with a 401(k), employees can invest their HSA funds for faster growth. That’s one reason an HSA rivals a 401(k) and IRA for retirement planning.

Why employees love HSAs
  • Their funds are contributed tax-free.
  • Their funds grow (with interest or through investment) tax-free.
  • Their funds can be withdrawn tax-free when used on eligible expenses.
  • Their funds carry over from year to year.
Why employers love HSAs
  • Your contributions to your employees’ HSA are tax deductible.
  • Your employees’ contributions reduce your payroll taxes.
  • HDHPs are typically more affordable health plans.

The changing face of employee wellness

In the wake of the Great Resignation, 45 percent of employees said in one survey that salary and employee benefits were their reason for considering leaving their jobs. An HSA is just one way you can better support your employees’ evolving needs. Download our white paper for more ideas.

Benchmarking + Trends

An employer contribution of as little as $50 can encourage employees to participate in an HSA. Surprised? See what other trends we’ve uncovered.

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