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October 15, 2023

HSA Day 2023 – 20 years of HSAs

Chris Byrd, senior vice president health executive at WEX, discusses:

  •  The growth of HSAs over the past 20 years
  •  HSA misconceptions that still exist
  •  Predictions for how HSAs will continue to evolve in the future

7 Things to Know When Designing an HSA Program

HSAs offer an excellent opportunity for participants to save money on healthcare expenses and for employers to support their employees’ wellness needs in a cost-efficient way. But it’s important to remember that there are HSA rules and regulations you and your employees need to follow in order to stay compliant. Learn more about HSA rules for employees, designing an HSA program, and how to keep HSAs exempt from ERISA.

5 Tips for Better Benefits Communication

Did you know that about half of employees don’t understand their benefits, and many employees never even open communications about benefits? Many employees often feel confused about their benefits plan options, especially if their employer is using “complicated HR jargon” in their benefits messaging. Hear our tips on how employers can effectively communicate benefits messaging to their employees in a way that’s relatable and easy to understand.

7 Things You Should Know About an HSA

Health savings accounts (HSAs) give you three ways to save on your healthcare costs today. But did you know they also have long-term perks that rival a 401(k) and IRA? Those are just a few of the reasons why the number of HSAs has doubled in the last five years. Learn more about how you can benefit from participating in an HSA.

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